Sabine Baz is SABBA. The multi-disciplinary Geneva-based Swiss designer founded SABBA Designs in 2021 as a means to express her vision of spatial harmony. The intention behind Sabine's craft was refined throughout her time working in multiple industries across the world.

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Functionality and problem-solving remain front of mind in Sabine’s approach to creation as a result of the time that she spent as an industrial designer, while her ability to craft cohesive brand experiences was developed working for Gucci as a customer experience designer where authenticity was key. Sabine's professional experience, living and working in the US, UK, Italy, and Switzerland, provided her with a range of international and cross-cultural influences contributing towards a creative sensibility rooted in modern principles of synchronized style through sustainability. 

With the precision of Swiss design mixed with the quality of Italian luxury, and inspiration drawn from the Bauhaus and Optical Art movements, Sabine weaves her influences together as seamlessly as she does geometric lines, complementary color pallets, and the threads of her throws, curating a distinct and harmonious design style, that is as retrospective as it is modern. 


I work closely with companies and individuals to ensure that space reflects purpose, the end result being a product that I am proud to produce, and that you are proud to present.

If you’d like custom wallpaper, prints, textiles, or any other products designed to harmonize with your environment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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